What is the ReTee ?

There are approximately 60 million golfers worldwide (28.5 million golfers in North America). What do we do when our scoring pencil lead breaks? We throw it away! Think of the millions of pencils that needlessly hit the landfill every year if only golfers carried a pencil sharpener.

Re Tee is the Divot Repair tool that has a pencil sharpener built in to save the environment from the waste of pencils and tee’s.
Why should 3 1/4 inch tees be one shot deals? Pick up and re sharpen broken tee’s to use on par 3’s or short par 4’s.

Tired of people not fixing their divots the more people carrying divot repair tools with them the more divots would be repaired.

The ReTee lets you:

  • Save pencils and tees
  • Help maintain the golf green
  • Keep the tee box clean by recycling broken tees
  • Promote your company or golf course in an engaging way (custom logo ReTee’s)
  • Save money on golf course maintenance
The ReTee is a unique and useful tool for golfers and golf courses. Golfers get the benefit of being able to reuse broken tees while the golf course benefits from less tee-off box cleaning. A clean golf course is a fun golf course. Golfers get another benefit, always sharp scoring pencils. As a golf course owner, free pencils are not a huge expense, but they are an expense and the environment gets the benefit of millions of pencils not being thrown away every year.
With our unique tine design all you need to do is push the divot tool in the opposite way the ball landed and turn/twist slightly as you pull the tines back out. Perfect repair, smoother putting and no dead spot! The ReTee fits comfortably in your hand and your pocket. It even makes a great fidget toy for when you are waiting for someone to putt!

The ReTee is also a great promotional item for golf courses and businesses alike. It is a first of it's kind golf invention that addresses several aspects of golf course expenditures. What better way to show your company cares about saving the environment than by handing out a promotional item built to save pencils and tee’s? It is also great at cleaning the grooves of your club or works as a letter opener/pencil sharpener for office staff.

The ReTee is made from light weight aluminum and extremely durable for years of use.