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My Husband liked the tool so much, he decided to order more for his golf buddies.
Date of Posting: 08 January 2017
Posted By: Debra
They're awesome! I gave them as presents and everyone think da they're great
Date of Posting: 24 November 2015
Posted By: David Tsacnaris
I have now played two rounds with them. I'm using the metal one for myself and I will gift the others to friends. The tool works nicely to repair divots. The sharpener works very well on pencils, plastic tees and most wooden tees. I've found a few cheaper wooden tees that seem to made of almost like a particle-board type material (very fibrous) that the sharpener seems to mangle. That has more to do with the cheapy tees than the sharpener itself. Overall I like the tool very much. The design is nice and the metal ones have a very nice weight to them. Thanks again!
Date of Posting: 24 November 2015
Posted By: Jaime
Got the 5th tool. Thanks. My buddies love it! Before I was the only one with a sharp knife to sharpen the broken tees but now they are scrambling to find broken tees then sharpen them.
Date of Posting: 06 December 2014
Posted By: Brian S

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