About Us

Our Story

The ReTee concept came from the golf course on an Autumn day in Canada. With the ground hard, every swing from the tee box broke a tee. Finally with 4 holes to go and only 3 tees left in my bag we got to the par 3 (6th hole) but no broken tees were on the tee box! That's when my golf partner Sid handed me my broken 3 1/4 inch tee from the par 5(5th hole) sharpened by his pencil sharpener into a perfect Par 3 tee! I thought it was the smartest thing I had seen reusing broken longer tees to use on par 3 or short par 4s. Only problem was how would we get people to use a pencil sharpener on the golf course? So ReTee combined it with a divot tool and set off to design a tool that would help people repair divots properly and save the environment from wasted pencils and tees.


Our Theme

In the spirit of recycling and reusing. ReTee has brought that concept to the golf course by offering resharpening to broken golf tees and dull pencils. If we were going to do this we wanted to fix a variety of issues with one tool.
1. Clean up Tee Boxes and save wasted pencils
Problem: Most people do not pick up their broken tees, remove buried tees that they top and push into the ground, and just throw away their pencil if its not sharp or has a bad lead tip.
Solution: Provide a divot repair tool with a pencil sharpener so that it encourages people to pick up broken tees and resharpen pencils. The design of the tines allows the pulling of buried tees with ease. All of this helps keep maintenance on mower blades down for golf courses. 
2. Help people properly fix a divot
Problem: Most people put the tines into the ground and pop the divot up leaving an air pocket below the ground. This leaves those nasty dead brown spots you see on the green.
Solution: With our unique tine design all you need to do is push the divot tool in the opposite way the ball landed and turn/twist slightly as you pull the tines back out. Perfect repair, smoother putting and no dead spot!
3. Issues from other divot tools that ReTee has improved on
Problem: Normal Divot tools are made of a metal and retain heat
Solution: ReTee is made of a light weight aluminium will not feel heavy or hot in your pocket
Problem: Metal ones that are straight and jab your leg when left in your pocket.
Solution: Curved design makes it so that it wont jab your leg when inside your pocket
Problem: Tips are to big to clean your grooves.
Solution: Tips are pointy enough to clean your grooves of your clubs
Problem: Finding your ball marker in a pocket full of change.
Solution: Magnetic holder in the back of the tool makes finding your special ball marker easy
. . . .
ReTee feature’s an environmental theme that includes motto’s such as:
  • ReTee The Greener Way to Golf
  • Save a Tee, Save a Tree
  • Better Divot Repair for a smoother putting surface


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